Sunbird (ShazaLaKazoo Remix) – The Elkcloner

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5 days ago when I heard it, I was super happy, because it is the turn we have spoken with Neki, and Guapo Feo (separately) about the sound of moombah.. Although explosive is going to be the Dancefloor killer, a soft one would make it faster.. it was my opinion.

Neki Stranac stopped doing edits and focused in doing originals again. and well… here it is the result!!

From Neki Stranac (as we will call him) himself:
“ remix of the elkcloner, serbian-american composer living in nyc and one of the members of the original line-up of shazalakazoo (1996-1998).. his debut album is out for EMI, and this is the official remix that will be out in a few weeks as a free download, but under EMI label, so it`s gonna be (as far as i know) the 1st moombahton track released by a major…correct me if i`m wrong… anyway, download it, enjoy it..”

This is BIG!!
Sunbird (ShazaLaKazoo Remix) – The Elkcloner by ShazaLaKazoo