Schlachthofbronx – Dirty Dancing

For club-oriented producers, who normally focus on EP releases, remix work or even third-party productions, dropping a full-length album is always something special. A sophomore album much more so, as it is widely considered as a touchstone for the further career. Given that, naming your release after the best dance movie of all time (in my humble opinion) is a big promise.

Schlachthofbronx, your favorite bass outfit from Munich, did everything right with their second album “Dirty Dancing”, about to be released on Friday March 30th on Disko B. The title says it all: from durrty to dancing, from dark and subtle basslines to elated ukulele melodies, from Techno Cumbia to Surf Bounce and thank god skipping experimental Emo-Indie-Pop. Being deeply rooted in the Tropical/Global Bass scene but definitely opening up for a broader approach and audience Dirty Dancing sounds how Bass music should sound in 2012 and beyond. Featuring a bunch of excellent collaborators the album is already on my short-list for “Best of 2012”.

While the first single “Slowine/Dickie Riddim” already came as quite a surprise stylewise (Slowine being a dark and subtle Techno Cumbia, “Dickie Riddim” pure Bashment featuring the mighty Warrior Queen), the full album is an example in versatility.
“Juego” (feat. Doubla J) and “Singstar” (feat. Gnucci Banana) definitely have a happy pop appeal, “Juego” even reminding of cheesy Brazilian Techno Brega, with “Agwaso” continuing in that mood with a bouncy bassline encountering a surf guitar. Natalie Storm spits over a DnB-influenced Bashment tune (honestly not as on point as you might expect her) with “Touch your Toes”, while “Copenhagen” (my third favorite track on the LP) is as slow as you might never have expected Schlachthofbronx. But the track is so dense and packed of Bass-bearing atmosphere (and drops…) that it is easily able to let almost any Glowstick-Brostep-Rave explode.

On that note, “That G-String Track” is a monster of a club tune. To fully realize in what league this one plays one should be aware that even Modeselektor played the track out during their recent winter tour (Modeselektor by the way just won an Echo, the award of the German music industry. Being solely based on sale numbers the Echo in most categories is not really of artistic interest, with the exception of the critic’s choice award the Berlin duo received. Further Modeselektor announced that Schlachthofbronx will play their Meltselektor stage on well-known Melt Festival too). The heaviest collaboration on the album might be the appearance of DJ Assault, godfather of Booty Bass. But don’t expect “Every Day of the Week” to sound like the ordinary Ass-n-Titties anthem, rather think of the track as a red-yellow-green tie-dye shirt. I mean that in a very good way. In the end my personal favorite is that beautiful little song named “Apizaco”, which is driven by a cheering tiny Ukulele, a gorgeous melody and some heavy clapping. It’s made for the hearty hippie in all of you.

“Dirty Dancing” is available at all major digital music platforms, there is a also a precious heavy vinyl edition and a nice shirt (eco-friendly of course). Check the Schlachthofbronx-webshop for some nice merch and their website for dates to catch them at a place near your.

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