A laptop for Javier Estrada

Sometimes giving a little back to someone who has given that much is the right thing to do.

Unfortunately our friend Javier Estrada is the latest victim of something that may has happened to everyone: LAPTOP CRASH, although after looking various ways, it was conclusive. His computer DIED.

Now, for many of you, who may have access to computers “easily” to get a new computer is not a big deal; but unfortunately -without givig you extra personal info- AT THIS PARTICULAR POINT of Javier’s financial/personal situation is very hard to get one anytime soon.(especially when he needs it for gigs and producing).

So we thought it’d be cool if you can help him, and at the same time get something in exchange. YOU DECIDE HOW MUCH (we suggest a minimum of 5 bucks) RIGHT HERE

A LAPTOP FOR JAVIER ESTRADA is an EP we had hidden for an Exclusive release in May or June..(and it was intended to be called Aztec Drums)
About the EP: u’ll find a collaboration with Caballo & Javier Estrada with some of the sounds that have made both “famous”. Tribal Huarachero..and some latin twist..

Also a “slow” Moombahcore with dope obscure lyrics

and Much more

So Get it! Donate, help and support Javier’s Music.

BY THE WAY!! if you have a COMPUTER, SMALL MONITORS, DJ GEAR, HEADPHONES and are willing to donate any of yours!! PLEASE contact JAVIER