OneChot United!

This is the kind of posts no one likes to write about, specially when you have tears of anger falling down your cheeks,
so yes, this might be a very brief post, because we want to talk about an amazing artist from Venezuela, that perhaps not many of you know.
One Chot, he is a reggae/hip hop/urban Icon not only in Venezuela, but all over Latin America, and to be honest, I (caballo) have always feel a HUGE admiration for him.
Last time I posted him was almost a year ago
OneChot & Choc Quib Town – Tips (by Frank “El Medico”) by OneChot

I’ve rarely posted him, mainly, because he was already a big name when I started blogging, every one knew him and I try to post more underground acts from Venezuela.. and now I feel..let’s say… like shit;
because this great artist who is not my own friend, (although he is very close to many of my good friends) has been shot.
The good news is he is alive, although there haven’t been many details on how’s he doing, more than he is in a critical condition and still very stable.

And like in a horrible prophecy he sang about the absurd violence Venezuela was going through, to be a victim of same violence which is leading us to doom.

so my prayers go for his family and friends, also for his fans, and let’s all unite to make sure this incident goes to the mainstream media, because that might be the only way, that police really starts looking for responsible instead of their usual excuse: “you know.. streets are dangerous, shit happens all the time..”

Now if you guys ( non english speakers) excuse me.. I’d like to write some words in my native Spanish:
Again I had never written a post like excuse me if I am a bit emotional.

– One chot no es mi amigo personal, jamas he hablado con el, pero su musica y sus letras me acercaron a el, su vibra y su flow son de mi total admiracion, y para mi el es una gran influencia, un visionario, y gracias a que tenemos muchos amigos en comun, me doy cuenta que un gran ser humano.
Mis plegarias y energia van para su Familia y amigos; que Dios lo ilumine y lo ayude en este momento.
Y a la gente en Venezuela, haganse sentir, carajo!! Esto no puede ni debe caer en ese circulo de impunidad.
Arriba One Chot, respect!
Tu canto suena por todo el planeta!!!

Pic made by Zuzuku