Anthony B & Subatomic Sound “Dem Can’t Stop We From Talk”

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Recorded in Africa, NYC, and Jamaica. Remixed by producers from around the globe in twelve amazing versions we couldn’t have imagined, from cumbia to tropical to dubstep twist ups as well as vintage rude boy roots, hip hop, and dancehall reggae!

This one is super HOT!!

OUT digitally on BEATPORT, Feb 21 (advance release) wide release on iTunes & everywhere on March 6, 2012
Twelve of the best producers gathered to remix this dancehall anthem!
From Sabbo, Dubblestandart, Sterotyp, to Bleepolar, Nate Mars or Process Rebel, each remix has its own signature!!

You will get a FREE Mega Banger!!!

Anthony B “Dem Can’t Stop We From Talk” ft Jahdan – Bleepolar’s Bogota Cumbia remix by SubatomicSound

So if after this epic remix, you still want to know more about cumbia and this wicked producers, Bleepolar was introduced to us thru Subatomic Sound System’s super cumbia team: SANCOCHO E’ TIGRES
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Anthony B & Subatomic Sound “Dem Can’t Stop We From Talk” 12 remixes! Out TODAY on BEATPORT by SubatomicSound