MC Papo – El Magrelo (Free Album)

Posted On By Leub

Get some brazilian Reggaeton by Rapper MC Papo. You can download his 9-track, released last year, via soundcloud below. Unfortunately, some of the tunes aren’t available anymore, since the download limit was reached already, but a few copies of most tunes are still available. The Quality of the mp3 files differ, strongly but they are all 160kBit/s or better.

I’ve discovered the Artist while stumbling upon the new Video to the Remix of ” Namorar escondido” by Reggaeton Group Culandria, which features MC Papo.

While Moombahton is taking over the club scenes, worldwide, classic Reggaeton is still big in Brazil.

01- Introdução [EL MAGRELO] @papopionero by mcpapo
02- PAPO – Quando eu vejo você [el magrelo] @papopionero by mcpapo
03- PAPO – Interlud ben 10 [EL MAGRELO] @papopionero by mcpapo
04 Papo – No estilo ben 10 [EL MAGRELO] @papopionero by mcpapo
05- PAPO – Strip tease [EL MAGRELO] @papopionero by mcpapo
06- PAPO – Perreo (Gata na frente, moleque atras) [EL MAGRELO] by mcpapo
07- PAPO – Não te ter aqui (ft. Dani Silveira) [EL MAGRELO] @papopionero by mcpapo
08- PAPO – Solte os cabelos [EL MAGRELO] @papopionero by mcpapo
09- PAPO – Eu sou do bloque [EL MAGRELO] @papopionero by mcpapo

Facebook: MC Papo