LATA : “Sin Señal/No Signal”

Great Dub-wise album

Sometimes, well, 99% of times, we write the post, although for this one I would prefer to quote the artist himself:
LATA aka Andre Collyer:

This is a collaboration i did with chilean singer/songwriter Barraco Parra. Written in spanish with a rather nostalgic mood – it is loosely inspired by recent world developments and in particular current social unrest in Chile:
“No hay comunicación/Ya se perdió la señal/El mundo es una ilusión/Un espejismo de luz
[There´s no communication/Signal already lost/The world is an illusion/A mirage made of light]”…

The title is an obvious reference to the irony of information technologies replacing direct human contact. As it was evident that this issue was not exclusively chilean, but global, signals were sent to comrades of the International Dub Cloud in England and Italy, and so the Ebsa & mildtape versions came to be.

As a result, the signal isn´t lost anymore and now it stands stronger than ever, as it was dubbed, re-routed and broadcasted through the air, thanks to the international array of talent that inhabits this planet known as LCL (LibreCommeLair) ”

LATA : “Sin Señal/No Signal”
Out on LCL (LibreCommeLair)
Creative Commons by-nc-nd license
No Signal (feat. Ebsa) by LCL netlabel
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1. Sin Señal (feat. Barraco Parra)
2. Sin Señal dub (mildtape)
3. No Signal (feat. Ebsa)
4. No Signal Remix (mildtape)