Jeffree’s Volume One

Mad Decent started a sub label, Jeffrees, as a great way to reach a public who for any reason is not able to afford to the best underground edm.
In an era in where occupy movements have been “infected” by posers with occupy “all” streets tshirts..(and people who bought them..and the idea that having a tshirt would really change anything).. anyway ……

under a profitable perspective:

It is great that Diplo, Benzona, Devro, and combo created a Free release label, instead of charging people!!!

We are talking about whole release with Douster, Javier Estrada, Expendable Youth, Bro Safari, Astronomar and Sticky K tracks FOR FREE!!

You know how it works..
Click in the arrow to get the track.s. OR wait til tuesday cuz I will update it with a whole Link..

Jeffree’s Volume One by Mad Decent
Indeed, I prefer to quote: Jeffree is the best new music -the most progessive, the most amazing. the deepest underground and subterranean sounds from the Earth’s crust; the best sounds available and it’s free.” ~Diplo