Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 17

So finally it’s 2012 and on December 21. will be the last day of this planet.
Just a joke, I personally think that the Mayawriter of the Calendar don’t wanted to write more or he had a date with a beautifull lady so he had to leave or he was hijacked by some extraterrestrials or something like this…but… we will see what will happen. Till this enjoy your live to the fullest and we have another Cumbia Round Up for you!
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pa kongal, tropical bass

Cumbia No 1 – Turn of the Light (Pa Kongal Cannabis Refix)

I turn down the lights low with the first Cumbia and light a candle, wich will grow to a big fire wich will be a symbol of hope! Pa Kongal has tones of nice remixes and I wanted to post something earlier but it wasn’t the right time or the right tune, but here it is. Pa Kongal – Francisco Elzoido from Cuernavaca, Mexico “Mi intencion no es otra mas que hacer bailar!!!!

Cumbia No 2 – Bad Boyz – Warrior Queen
(Bombombum Remix)

El Unico como tu lives in Hamburg, Germany. He is fan of colombian music – especially of cumbia…with her roots and futuristic blooms and bleeps. His mixtapes telling stories or following a musical idea and showing respect to all the musicians in the mix. Here is a remix of a Warrior Queen Tune.
kuto quilah

Cumbia No 3 – It’s a Roche Bigga (Achorado Remix) – Kuto Quilla Selektah
Viajando por Latinoamerica, Nacido en Peru. Kuto Selektah Quilla, addicted to cross borders of countries and sounds, traveler by choice, Selektor & Producer by passion. 
Influenced by the rhythms he heard as a child at home like cumbia, salsa and Afroperuvian, he mixed with rhythms that then found, like dubstep, digital reggae, dub and hip hop. Hes got a nice EP out on CaballitoFree Download

Cumbia No 4 – Porro Logico – Dragao Style
Juan P. Valencia comes from Bogota, Colombia. He is Guitarplayer for Papaya Republic and DJ. Dragao is the result of plenty raves drumnbass, hiphop, jazz, electro, death metal, musica clasica, paseos, vallenato. cumbia and bullerengue, mostly black music but sometimes with different colors.

Cumbia No 5 – No Me Trates de Engañar – El Salto Del Tigre
From Guatemala comes a project to show “tributo a los grandes” remixing a big tune by Panamas Plena Legend Edgardo Franco aka El General.
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Cumiamberos y cumbiamberas!! Planeta Unido!! Thanx for listening – hope you enjoyed what you’ve heard, we love it if you use your feedback button and don’t forget – every second Sunday of the Month is Cumbia Sunday on !!