presents We Call It Skweeast Vol. 1 & 2 (Free Compilations)

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Have you ever heared of SKWEEAST? Well, to be honest, untill yesterday I haven’t… Luckily, the Slovakia based Netlabel send over their two free Skweeast-Compilations with tunes from various Artists! Skwee is a very popular music style from Scandinavia and combines elements of lo-fi analogue funk, R&B and Dubstep! Skweeast ist pretty much the same, but improved with samples of traditional EAST european folk music! A very interesting style, you need to give a listen!

Prelisten a couple of tunes here and follow the links to their homepage, below, to download your copies of the two 5-track Compilations:
Burningboy – Vychovaj ma by SKWEEAST
Michael Kelso – Suffer by SKWEEAST
Karaoke Tundra – tebenema by SKWEEAST
Emah – Fšenku by SKWEEAST


We Call It Skweeast Vol.1

We Call It Skweeast Vol.2