Manic Merengue Round-Up

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(pic via Flickr)

Merengue in it’s classical form is a frenzy already, but paired up with some proper club beats it’s just maniac. Almost the whole Merengue business already switched to a style that is called Merengue Electronico or Merengue Urbano, but that’s not exactly what I was looking for. I was interested in the approach of mixing up the typical merengue flavor with a bunch of different styles. So here comes a little round-up of recent Merengue-inspired Tropical Bass productions, or Merenguetek (?), for all the Latin lovers, most of them available for free via Soundcloud.

Zee Reach – Tu Sonrisa
Zee Reach did a membrane shaking Tropical remix of the classic “Tu Sonrisa” by Merengue god Elvis Crespo here.
Zee Reach “Tu Sonrisa” – Free Download by Zee Reach

Maria y Jose – Violentao (Sunsplash RMX feat. Patafunk & Ill Pharao)
This one is a bit older, but still banging. Sunsplash from New York, who we already featured here, teamed up with Patafunk and Ill Pharao to rework and merenguefy one of the awesome productions by Tijuana-based producer Maria y Jose.
Maria y Jose – Violentao (Sunsplash rmx ft Patafunk & ILL Pharaoh) by sunsplash

Tipanic feat. Emiliano, Acero MC & Mando – Like A Snake
Definitely one of bangers 2011, this production my Big’N’Hairy Record’s head honcho Tipanic was a sure shot during the whole summer. Merengue vibe, seen?
Tipanic Ft. Emiliano, Acero MC & Mando – Like A Snake by tipanic

Pedro Parquer – Pachanga Cumbiyengue
It was not possible to embed this one, but check the link, it’s cool! It seems to be a draft but the unique fusion of Cumbia, Tribal and Merengue (and even Pachanga I suppose) is worth a listen.

DJ Gant-Man – Boricua Juke
Well, this one is a classic. Essentially it’s just a Juke Mash-Up of a wide range of Latin hits (from Nina Sky to Elvis Crespo to Daddy Yankee), which Chicago’s own Gant-Man did for the Puerto Rican Day Parade 2008.
Boricua Juke (Humboldt Park, Chi-town) by Gant-Man

MPeach – Fuerza
One of my favorites. Hailing from Caracas but based in Brooklyn MPeach produced an awesome EP in collaboration with Pacheko & Pocz. It just dropped on Abstractor and is a sure shot. Promise.
Fuerza by abstractor

Sumsin – Sudor
Sumsin is quite notorious for his unique blend of Merengue, Soca and whatever. Mad.
Sudor by sumsin

Munchi – Andando
The man Munchi making Juke using Bachata turns out to be so much Merengue that I just needed to include it. It’s an awesome tune btw.
Munchi – Andando by Munchi