Maga Bo – Quilombo do Futuro – New Album Release

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Three years in the making, Maga Bo’s Quilombo do Futuro melds heavy afro-brazilian rhythms with the massive bass of electronic dub and studio trickery of hip hop production. Caxambu on top of 808 kicks, alfaias punctuate dancehall ragga, swirling filtered echoes circle tamborim figures.
He is doing a kickstarter

Maga Bo had the honor of working with some highly respected names in Brazilian music – BNegão and Marcelo Yuka who have been musical partners for many years, João Hermeto on percussion, Lucas Santtana, Biguli, Funkero, Gaspar from Z’Africa Brasil, Speed Freaks (RIP), Rosângela Macedo, As Meninas do Reconca Rio and some of the members of BaianaSystem as well as the heavyweight talents of US based singers Jahdan Blakkamoore and MC Zulu.

In addition to the main release, there is a hefty grip of great producers doing remixes – Stereotyp, Chancha Via Circuito, Process Rebel, Poirier, Copia Doble, Uproot Andy, Buguinha, Leo Justi, DJ Dolores, Dr. Das, Digitaldubs, Munchi, Batida.

Up until now, the production has been entirely self financed – trips to São Paulo, Salvador, taxis at 4am to carry equipment across Rio, payment for session musicians without even mentioning the equipment necessary to make the recordings.

The music is finished – MAGA BO is asking for your financial help to finalize it and get it into the world. The money will go to mastering, artwork, duplication and revamping my web presence to help spread this music. I hope that what has been an enormous team effort and labor of love to create will come to fruition with your help.

This money does not really begin to cover the actual cost of making this record, but it does cover the last few essential things to bring this music into the world and to a wider audience. Any money received beyond the $5000 goal will go toward music video production.

For those of you new to the Kickstarter structure, please have a look here. It’s super important to reach the financial goal – otherwise, the project won’t receive any money at all (and, of course, your credit card won’t be charged).

Please help spread the word – post it to FaceBook, write about it on your blog, tweet it, tell your friends and family. Your support and interest is greatly appreciated!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!