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Jon Kwest Presents LIGHTER Moombahton Vs Jungle

Posted on 12 December 2011 by Caballo

Jon Kwest is on FIRE!!
he drops a TWO PART COMPILATION that is sooo sick that doesnt need any preview!!


This is the tracklist!!
01. New Blood – Worries In The Dance (Jon Kwest Rmx)

02. Barrington Levy – Under Mi Sensi – X Project Rmx (Nate Metro Rmx)

03. Potential Bad Boy Ft MC Det – Rollin’ (Jon Kwest Rmx)

04. DJ SS – The Lighter (DJ Apt One Rmx)

05. Elementz Of Noize – Hit The Deck (Pickster & Jon Kwest Rmx)

06. Brainkillers & Remarc – Press The Buzzer (Xian1 Rmx)

07. Boogie Times Tribe – The Dark Stranger (Jon Kwest Rmx)

08. Q Project – Champion Sound (Xian1 Rmx)

09. Photek – Ni-Ten-Ichi-Ryu (Jon Kwest Rmx)

10. Dillinja- Grimey (Kid Cedek Moombah Break Rmx)

11. Substance – Homeboyz (Jon Kwest Rmx)

12. Doc Scott – Shadowboxing (Jon Kwest Rmx)

13. Digital – Deadline (Ghost Rad Rmx)

14. Roni Size & Dj Die – It’s A Jazz Thing (Jon Kwest Rmx)

15. Doc Scott – Far Away (Secret Sauce Rmx)

16. Adam F – Circles (Jon Kwest Rmx)

17. Photek – UF0 (Jon Kwest Rmx)

18. Jonny L – Piper (Jon Kwest Rmx)

19. Omni Trio – Renegade Snares (DJ Smiles Rmx)

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  1. Steezie Wonder Says:

    boom! looking forward to checking these out! have been making ‘jungleton’ myself at doc scott – don’t be such a sad cunt! take it as a compliment =)

  2. hjal Says:

    Damn interesting discussion here. I guess we’re entering a whole new lever – it used to be DJs vs majors, now it’s DJ’s vs DJ’s. What sucks, is that the more remixes there are, the less genuine new shit comes up… Is moombahton a big scam? My comment here:

  3. hjal Says:

    Damn interesting discussion here. I guess we’re entering a whole new lever – it used to be DJs vs majors, now it’s DJ’s vs DJ’s. What sucks, is that the more remixes there are, the less genuine new shit comes up… Is moombahton a big scam? My comment here:

  4. CheckTheEgo Says:

    Man you’ve got a stressful life ahead of you If this upsets you that much.  I’m sorry to say, but things are changing, and fast.  You really are a great producer and knowledgeable people recognize that, but look around you. 

    Bootlegs/edits/mashups/etc. are the norm and that’s one of the reasons music is progressing (or ‘changing’) so quickly these days. 

    With all due respect I suggest you pick your battles before you start loosing fans. Don’t be a douche bag, please.


  5. Henydee Says:


    NOT  @ KWEST
    sry bout that

  6. somejerk Says:

     blogged out –

  7. Yomama Says:

    Dear mr Doc. Can you come and suck my nuts please you bald homo

  8. Yomamma Says:

    PS :What have you done for DNB  in last 12 years you big fat gay brummie 

  9. Diccon_ls Says:

    Ha ha ha

    DnB was not born from ripping off other music off, neither was Hip Hop. Sampling was done out of admiration or musical appreciation for the track you were taking the sample from. These bootlegs are not samples or original tracks built from samples but the motivation is the same. 
    For the idiots saying Moombahton is shit but they like DnB just check out tracks like Da Worm by Bro Safari. There is no doubt that Moombahton shares some similar musical origins with DnB and there is no doubt a compilation like this can highlight that even if it’s the wrong way to do it. If you are going to remix someones track you should ask if you plan to use it.
    Has to be said though, DnB is overly protective off their music and yes a bit hypocritical. How many of the Reggae singers that got sampled were asked? 
    People say the Fugees remix was a Pop song song so therefore not the same but what about the Zinc remix of Shook Ones? 
    That got cained by every DJ and Mobb Deep were hardly a commercial pop band were they?
    There was a High Contrast Bootleg of Papua New Gineau and F.S.O.L were underground. 

  10. lame Says:

    fuck some people are full of themselves

  11. lame Says:

    Washed up attention seeker, a drama queen. From your childishness on
    radio to bullshit on DOA and twitter, It’s about time you acted your age
    and faded away. Go spend some time with your grandkids, get a real
    fucking job. ah that’s right you can’t because you’re not qualified to
    do anything but troll the internet talking shit. Leave the scene like
    you keep claiming to do. go fuck off and write techno, You’ll never make
    it in the techno scene anyway, those guys who let everyone download
    their tracks for free on soundcloud will be better than you will ever
    be. Look up the word “folly” and learn something. You should think
    before you make stupid comments like these because what goes around
    comes around fool. You might find yourself in court fighting a class
    action against all the people you rip off 

  12. Lewiscancut Says:

    When was the last time anyone on this thread saw a vagina? 

  13. Barrington Levy Says:

    Hey i’m  Barrington Levy what’s goin on here?

  14. Sensualdan Says:

    Wow….You guys have a lot of sand in your vaginas…

  15. Okulus Anomali Says:

    This compilation is one of the best ever, Jon Kwest is always on point.

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