Expendable Youth- Heyo! by Mad Decent

Mad Decent, new sub label is called Jeffree, It’s what Mad Decent was originally made for new artists thinking outside of the box.
There is ONE BIG DIFFERENCE.. Jeffree’s releases are FREE..

Also I would like to add this is a sub label which role is to showcase innovative sounds from some of the world’s best up-and-coming producers.
Although we all know that the fact that Mad Decent releases “innovative sounds” perhaps will create some buzz around, specially in some circles who already know or knew about that specific genre.
( that is a point i want you to join me after the music, on this post’s bottom part)

In fact, Expendable Youth’s Heyo! has been a secret weapon among Mad Decent DJ’s for a few months now.
Each track is Available for Free Download
Expendable Youth – Heyo! by Mad Decent
3Ball huarachero and prehispanico comes stronger in 2012.. although in the mean time YOU need to grab my “hermano” Javier Estrada epic version
Expendable Youth – Heyo! (Javier Estrada Remix) by Mad Decent
Shaun D drops this Basstastic tune
Expendable Youth – Heyo! (Shaun D Remix) by Mad Decent
Download via Hulkshare here:

So back to the Point I was saying..
The fact the Mad Decent drops a FREE releases sub label can generate all sort of feelings indeed..
Some people tend to think that not only Mad Decent but also Diplo have become known for taking an “unknown” culture and exposing it to the world. Although we have to point that he is not the only one who has probably “discovered,” re-framed, and sold it audiences in another part of the world.

We have many examples like cumbia label ZZK, Baile funk Man recordings, Tropical/ Alternative/Rock Nacional Records,
World Music Putumayo and Cumbancha, African Awkwaaba and Faluma among HUNDREDS of independent labels who mainly are run by a “foreign” who fell in love with a specific culture(s) and the music.. AND to want their music to reach larger audiences and the fact they facilitated the exposure for many genres is something I personally always be thankful.

The fact Capitalism is vital part of the music industry makes this sub label much more outstanding.

We will hope to drop each Jeffree’s release asap!!