Boom Boom Boom (Stereotyp Remix)

Posted On By Caballo

I was actually doing a post about Da Cruz’ Boom Boom Boom, in where I had commented few hours before..

Being a “Barefoot” remix.. I kinda thought the song’s vox was kinda off..although I didnt know THE FACT THE LABEL RELEASED A WRONG MIX!!!
without asking the producer if He was ok with the final version!!!

So the main question could be: Are labels just “using” producers’ names to boots their releases?
Without even listening to the songs?
Just because it is XXXXX and he/she is “big” it doesn’t mean the release will get good reviews..
This is the Approved (from the remixer) FREE remix of Da Cruz
Stereotyp Boom boom version by stereotyp ©

And this is the “official” remix, filled with anger from Stereotyp.. which ain’t free
Boom Boom Boom (Stereotyp Remix) by SixDegreesRecords