108BASS- The rise of the No Names!!!

If you are into Facebook..and Moombahton.. Chances that you have seen a trolling attack to the “biggest” moombah group during last weeks are high..
This constant Trolling triggered a bunch of sub groups and in some way, unveiled a new platform for new producers who “perhaps” are behind and/or under a shadow from more known producers.

Most of these new producers are being constantly featured in the moombahton-only blogs.

Although their work and approach to the genre sometimes get a song, in my opinion most of these kids’ work has not reached.. the second level of underground, like the more “global bass” blogs such as Mad Decent, Gen Bass, Tropical Bass, Ghetto Bassquake, Club Popozuda, and so on.. AS much AS the well known moombahton producers.

So today, if you have the time, passion and why not saying it.. patience.
I would like to join us for a trip to these territories, in where we will have some “no names” making amazing songs, edits, approaches to the genre which is getting more and more complex and attention from the scene!

To begin, Jonny Chino with a sick moombahton EDIT!!

Dr. Dre Feat Snoop Dogg- The Next Episode (Hedegaard Remix)[JoNny Chino Moombahton Edit] by JONNY CHINO

This kid in fact Kicked up the EPIC!!
Dj JD1 in the house!!
Kick up the epic-Dada life (DTF+JD Remix) by DJ_JD1

One of the Craziest approaches to the moombahton, (which in fact could be used either for going from one set of drum n bass towards a moombah or viceversa)… is JUNGLATON!!!
JUNGLATON! by El Nomada

El nomada is the guy behind Junglaton, He also is the one who made an ill collab called COSMIC MAFIA!!
bad ass tune!!
I can have everything-busta rhymes by Cosmic Mafia

ALTHOUGH if you are into more moombahsoul or chill out mood
Mango Troops released this beauty!!
Mango Troops-The Architects( CODA VIP ) TITAN EP by Mango Troops

Modabot hit a HOME RUN!!! with this Gorilla’z EPIC remix!!
Gorillaz – Doncamatic (Modabot Remix) by Modabot

The funny track came from Moskva!!

Back to more moombah classic approach, my man Switchblade dropped LA CHUPACABRA
La Chupacabra (Track will be out on JUKETRAXX soon) by SharkCity

Mexican Moombahton that is not even close to Javier estrada.. YES!! Mariachi.. in fact..
Parameterchild made a very subtle variation of the tune.. with some breaks.. opening the gate for a whole new genre..perhaps.. mariachiton?
Calexico – El Gatillo (Parameterchild Moombahton Edit) by Parameterchild

and to finish.. i would like to, first, apologize for all the people who keep constantly working on this genre with PRO attittude and I (we) can not post.. I hope that eventually, some or all of you make it so big that your names can be well recognized. Second, to encourage many of the people who still are “noob” in the genre (not necessarily in the music) to have no fear of experimenting.. either bpm or approach..
We don’t know.. perhaps you are going to be the next BIG NAME in moombahton!!