Rara Avis- Ractagino

Lal & Ragaboy are Rara Avis, and they are releasing something I was waiting to listen for months!
This Music is something I’m sure all from the so called “world music” and live electronica lovers will dig!!

Tomasz Osiecki is a polish sitar & dilruba player. LAL (composer and producer known for cooperation with National Geographic plus more ppl!!

The reason I found him, is that he actually was a guest player in my favorite Polish Band: BEHEMOTH!!
Musically, it’s a mixture of chill-out, dub, idm and rhythmical trans with a touch of ethnic flavor.
So when I listened to his stuff I was very impressed as I thought he’d be more obscure, but instead i found
great sitar/live electronic music!

RARA AVIS (Lal&Ragaboy) – Ractagino by Ragaboy

This song is the Isle of the beginning
RARA AVIS (Lal&Ragaboy) – Isle of the Begining by Ragaboy

Purple Lament
RARA AVIS (Lal&Ragaboy) – Purple Lament by Ragaboy

Now .. this part could be a bit irrelevant , unless you know about metal and folk.
He did a remix of the Catalyst..
Ragaboy RMX Linkin Park – The Catalyst by Ragaboy
That remains me to the sound of the progressive/folk metal pioneers from Finland, Amorphis, whose album Elegy and more specific
My Kantele is being praised as one of the finest pieces of metal ever made!!
Don’t worry.. click on the video.. it is NOT the kind of metal you think it is