Baltimore, where you at?

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Around the world, musicians, DJ’s and producers are strongly influenced by the Baltimore Club sound, sometimes without even knowing it.

Like what happened with Diplo/Popozuda n company’s Favelas Documentary.. another film is an intend to return to the roots of this music genre.

To the roots of the rythm, and the life of those who spins it since two decades now.

It is impossible for Tim Videomit (the filmaker) to forget the environnement, the city that was the birthplace of the Baltimore Club.
The film is a visual and sound dive in the city of Baltimore, his urban landscapes, devastated by the crisis, its inhabitants that struggle, fight, create, live.

Meet the sound pulses of the Baltimore Club soundtrack, meet the creators, pioneers, trying to write this unknown history.

But also, along with those younger, or more distant, who have experience-the potential of this music : one night dancers, citizens, or musicians.
Finally, the film will be an attempt to understand, on the ruins of crises, in what and how music is a sublime way to look up farer and be proud.

In response to the hardness of the everyday life, the simple act of dancing, playing, singing, is a resistance.

“Baltimore, where you at ? ” teaser from Videomit on Vimeo.

It is very simple. Money will be used to help him pay the general costs of the shooting. Mostly the airplane tickets between Paris and Baltimore. It may help him to pay the costs of living during the shooting too, like car rental or food goods.