Shurwayne Winchester – Wine on it

The latest video “Wine on it” by soca artist Shurwayne Winchester on the Overproof Riddim caused massive controversity. It shows a truck driver “delivering” girls in exchange for money. The two-time roadmarch champion from Trinidad admittetly put a disclaimer up:

The intro of this video is purely fictional and the owners do not condone or support this or any other form of illegal trafficking.

We believe that trafficking in persons and the illegal trade of human beings for the purposes of sexual exploitation, forced labour, or reproductive slavery and is a modern-day form of slavery, a multi-billion industry with countless victims and not really a topic to make fun about it in a groovy soca video. Esp. in combination with an oversexed soca video and a character which sports the message “Rehab is for quitters” on his shirt it’s the wrong message.
Interesting sidenote: the national flag of Trinidad & Tobago is put up upside-down.

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