RUBE- Killer Diller EP

Posted On By Caballo

The slang “Killer Diller”? Originally, it was Swing Slang for a great riff by a musician, specially a horn riff, or a word used to describe a great musician. Since then, it has also been used to describe something so cool there are no other words to describe it.
Rube – Killer Diller EP by UrbanWorld Records
Both terms are true here; Rube is once again ready to revolutionize electro swing. Inspired by the Swedish rapper Movits he has produced three tracks with a unique swing hop sound. Besides the instrumental title track, he is accompanied by Guante & See More Perspective on the track Shotgun Soliloquy and Rabbi Darkside on Pennies from heaven.

To stay ‘Killer Diller’ we invited the best of the best swingers to remix Al Lindrum, Swing Republic, Savages y Suefo and Przasnik. Please Enjoy!