Raziek – Love vs Bass EP

Just out on Top Billin “Love vs Bass” by Raziek is a super sweet goodie for everyone who likes the recent wave of a bass-heavy, chopped up, Garage-minded RnB sound (that is also promoted by the likes of Dubbel Dutch, Brenmar or Nguzunguzu). Based in France, Raziek’s sound is based on the whole range from Booty Bass to Tropical to Juke, from RnB to House and Garage, even adding a pinch of Moombahton from time to time.
The “Love vs Bass” EP is not the worst soundtrack for love-making, full of bouncy baselines, driving 808 beats and sweet female vocal loops. Like the above mentioned producers Raziek perfectly merges crystal cold soundscapes with sexed up, almost cheesy RnB samples.


Raziek – Love that Thing

Thanks to the good guys over at Top Billin we got “Love that Thing” as a FREE DOWNLOAD for you. Enjoy, folks!

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