Remember 2001 – 10 years inna di Dancehall – Radikal Sunflowers Colectivo

Remember 2001 – Music was played from CD, the DJs was juggelin Vinyl, Dancehall was waiting to start his hype, Jamaica is playing real hard Dancehall Stuff, Sizzla Pumpin up pumpums and Beenie is “Dem Gals Dem Sugar” and T.O.K…..well better don’t think about the lyrics…the Hypestarter Sean Paul will bring his Dutty Rock Album in 2002.

In Germany we had to wait for Gentlemans first Hit Album “Journey to Jah” wich comes out in 2002, but Seeed was coming with the “New Dubby Conquerers” Album. So we decided to built a Reggae Dancehall Band – and we still run it – even when nowadays we don’t have very much time left for it – you know the Problem – Job, Family, whatever – in 2009 we changed it from Band to Soundsystemstyle with own songs and a hot live performance. So in 2011 we compiled this Album with Tunes recoreded and remixed in the last 3-4 years to celebrate the anniversary. Over the years we got more influences especially from Soca (Must have been 2003 when Marflix gave me this compilation with Soca Riddims) and Cumbia.

So this is music searchin the perfect Crossover for Rag-Wavers, Vuvuzela Blowers, the Dancing Crew and certainley the Ladys.
Check out the Album – It’s a freeload – Radikal Sunflowers Colectivo – The Funtastic 3 – Come Again !! You will know some of the Riddims, also talkin bout history and we have some Guests – beautiful Isabelle and Frankfurts finest Don Sharicon.