Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 14

How life runs, another month is gone, summer 2011 now really is history and it’s gettin cold and dark again outside in the northern hemisphere. So we really really need  some tropical spirit around and this does not mean that I put a little sunshade in my drink. Nono, playing the hottest Cumbias around to feel the tropical heat deep in the heart. Andrés Digital is inna di house !!

|titles= Monthly Cumbia RoundUp #14
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Cumbia No 1 – Muñeco de haiti – Babasonicos (Los reyes de la milanga remix)

Babasonicos-Muneco-de-HaitiRamiro Aquiles comes from Cordoba, Argentina and is remixing a Tune from the Rockband Los Babasonicos. And what should I say about Los Reyes de la Milanga throwin out banger after banger – you really haffi check their soundcloud. And they have a Album out on Cabeza. Load it here


Cumbia No 2 – Cumbia de las Picaditas – Sonido Gallo Negro

Sonido Gallo Negro comes from Mexico DF and playing a mixture of Cumbia Sonidera, Cumbia Peruana, Cumbia Amazonica, Chicha, 70s southamerican garage, they like “guitarras con fuzz” and claro el Guiro.


elegante la imperial


Cumbia No 3 – Elegante & La Imperial – Bella (4J)

Snoop ina di house !! Elegante started in Lima, Peru in 2000 mixing styles like Dubstep, Chicha, Idm, Hip Hop and Soul with Cumbia Digital and Afrostep. They got a nice Album for the Netlable Terror Negro – Free Download


Cumbia No 4 – Cumbia Zenaida – Chico Ye

“After working with genres like 3-ball guarachero and reggaeton, the South Texas artist, Chico Ye, proves his production versatility with the release of his new album “El Sonido Matador” (<— Free Download)  The delayed grooves and historically aware beats of Chico Ye’s tracks match the 100+ degree weather that’s cooking the Rio Grande Valley. Imagine yourself sipping on a Pacifico in a little cantina that opens onto the street. The night’s hot, you’re wiping the sweat off your brow, and in the corner of the room the dj’s playing something like “El pescador de mi tierra.” Nothing’s out of the ordinary, you think, until he starts mixing in the next track. The drums punch harder, goythe beat’s funkier, and the accordion sounds like it’s still playing from the previous song. Then, suddenly, you hear a Lil’ John sample. The crowd, old and young, gets up to dance. You’ve never heard a cumbia so organic and yet so perfectly made for the contemporary club. Walking up to the dj, you ask, “Who’s this?” And he responds, “It’s Chico Ye.” – Christopher Perez


Cumbia No 5 – La Trampa – Goy Karamelo (Un Mono Azul & Dj Karim 2011 Remix)

A dreamteam for Cumbia No 5
First a Tune by Goy Karamelo, El Gaucho Punk, from Buenos Aires, Argentina – former Singer of El Karamelo Santo – Second Remixlegend El Mono Azul and last but not least Dj Karim original from Bejaia, Algeria living in Villa De Leiva, Boyaca, Colombia mashing up la Trampa.


Señores y Señoras, Brederen and Sistren, Cumbiamberos, Planeta Unido – Saludos desde Alemania – hasta la proxima !! Y seguramente tu recuerdas !! – El segundo Domingo cada mes! Viva la Cuuuumbia!!!!