Bondi Blaster- Salchichon Primavera (bigote RMX)

Bondi Blaster was created as a project from DJ Juan Data n Dub Snakkr, two guys who are shaping cumbia and latin scene in San Francisco, California. Among the contributors are Argentinian diva Tami and exceptional guitarist Gabriel Navia who is an expert in Bolivian folklore.

The name refers to Bondi Blaster buses (bus bondi is in Argentinian) these buses were one of the principal reasons of the spread of cumbia in major cities across the Latin American continent. Drivers of bondis blasted their radios dropping villera and cuarteto and much more tropical music, these guys without any pressure from “the music industry” were essential to the dissemination of this kind at the grassroots level.
The debut EP includes several remixes Blaster Bondi, like Caballito (Spain), Kinky Electric Noise (Miami, Florida), NSM PSM (Mexico) plus new songs by merging the base of the nu-cumbia with other elements of gender Peruvian chicha as, funk, tango, reggaeton, Brazilian samba, rap, etc. by Dj Juan Data