Hedflux- Energy Vibration / Reptoid

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First up is the highly anticipated collaboration between Hedflux and Neurodriver. “Energy Vibration” is the perfect showcase of each artist’s style, fusing Hedflux’s driving tech-funk with Neurodriver’s intricately crafted synth work to create an acidic peak-time monster of a track guaranteed to get any dancefloor moving! The first half of the tune builds hypnotically, introducing the sample from which the track takes its name. At the midpoint, there is a deceptively serene breakdown, before the full force of the second drop is unleashed , in a moment described by one of the Freerange DJs as “The Epitome of Rave”!
Hedflux & Neurodriver – Energy Vibration by BrokenRobot

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On the flipside is a darker, more alien workout resulting from Hedlfux’s collaboration with new Broken Robot signing and psy-breaks pioneer LuQas. “Reptoid” chugs along menacingly, with tripped out blips and squarks underpinned by a relentless bassline, twisting and turning until finally reaching the main breakdown. At this point the most twisted lead line is introduced: sounding something like a cross between Hallucinogen’s infamous Gamma Goblins and an alien with a stomach ache! A track that will positively devastate those night-time floors!
Hedflux & Luqas – Reptiod (Sample) by BrokenRobot