Chico Ye – El Sonido Matador (free album)

Mexican mega producer Chico YE finally releases his album ..full of cumbia, 3ball, prehispanic and more edits, and the best is we can get our hands for free!!!

La Primorosa by Chico Ye

La Colombiana by Chico Ye



1. Cumbia de los Angeles
2. Cumbia Zenaida
3. La Colombiana
4. La Primorosa
5. Chica Revoltosa
6. Cumbia Sampuesana
7. Menea
8. Colegiala Dub
9. La Colombiana (Rebajada)
This is his mini set..also FREE
Chico Ye – El Sonido Matador (release minimix) by Chico Ye