The Weeknd – Thursday (David Heartbreak Remixes)

Posted On By Jelka

If there is one thing that’s absolutely on top of my “list of things I loved in 2011” than it’s Moombahton producers remixing The Weeknd. Now we got David Heartbreaking putting his very own touch on (almost) the whole “Thursday”-mixtape, which results not only in Moombah to make love to but also works with a massive flavour of Dancehall/Reggae/Reggaeton/Hip Hop/Rock/Juke/Deep House. As Heartbreak himself puts it: “I basically took the thursday album, and incorporated heartbreak into […]. I took all the genres I produced and rolled them into this album.”

Direct link for the FREE download over here, and in the meantime something for your appetite:

07-GONE (HEARTBREAK REMIX) by David Heartbreak

04-THE ZONE (HEARTBREAK REMIX) by David Heartbreak