Pedro Ramayá Beltrán – El Rey del Millo

Tropical Bass, Latino Resiste, Mad Decent, and Producer Leon Murcia are very happy in helping share this amazing EP from one of the most iconic cumbia players of all time.

Pedro Ramaya is a Cumbia Pioneer and a living legend who was born in late 30’s in Colombia.

Since 1960 has been dropping some of the most amazing cumbias ever known, formerly member of La Cumbia Emblematica Soledeña, an Icon in the 1960’s.


He is considered old cane Millo’s last guardian, That cane is also commonly known as Gaita..

He was King Momo in 2002 from Carnival of Barranquilla and also got a Congo de oro award in 2010 for Lifetime Achievement.

He is dropping a 2011 FREE EP.. 5 Original tracks like this one

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Pedro Ramaya Beltran- Pa Baila y Brinca



The reasons of releasing this FREE EP are quite simple:

To let people outside Colombia, that this Master is still Alive and very Active, to tell promoters, agents and labels around the globle he has 33 unreleased songs, ready to be signed.

But specially to demonstrate that eventhough Digital cumbia is getting massive attention around the globe, These guys, the Masters, the creators, are dying.

These guys deserve to be seen, paid and shared by new generation while they are still alive.

Big thanks to Him, and his Producer Leon Murcia for being generous and open to new ideas and ways of promotion. ( bottom of the page there is producer’s contact email, in case you want to know more about the unreleased songs and/or live performances)

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Pedro Ramaya Beltran-La Peluca ( El Rey del Millo) by latinoresiste

With over 20 albums recorded songs like Joselito Carnaval, La Regechera, La Pollera Colora, Historia de la Cumbia, La Estera, Cada Año en Carnaval, Joselito El Borrachón, El caballo Chovengo, Crees Que Soy Sexy, Mico Ojón, Jeta Colora, Mi Mujerona, Nuevo Garabato, Santo Parrandero, Corcovao, Mi Flauta, Dejame Quieto, Pa´ Goza el Carnaval, La Raja, Teniente Rada, El Muerto Distinguido, La Rebuscona, La Loca, Pa Baila y Brinca y La Peluca are cumbia anthems.

He has recorded with artists such as Alfredo Gutierrez, Calixto Ochoa, Noel Petro, Gabriel Romero, Dolcey Gutierrez, Los Soneros de Gamero, Nurys Borrás and Lisandro Meza.

He is the guy behind the music of this anthem as he produced songs for la Niña Emilia as: Cundé Cundé, Coroncoro y Pájaro Picón.
Cunde Cunde

He founded La Cumbia Moderna de Soledad.

And lately he has “updated” his sound.. recording with Systema Solar, and Cumba Mela Collective.

Systema Solar feat Pedro Ramaya

Thornato Remix
Pedro Ramaya Beltran – Soy la Cumbia (thornato remix) by Thornato

So Again..
Enjoy this music

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But more than that, ask a fellow promoter, or an independent label how to help this cumbia master.

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