La Inedita- Chichamuffin

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Lima, Peru. Young musicians from different parts of Lima joined by MSN and Facebook for a jammin ‘and they have not stopped playing ever since.
Dancehall Reggae United by, the unprecedented has not hesitated to mix this with other roots music styles like rock music, chicha, rap and psychedelia.
La Inédita – Fayah by lainedita
The strength of their live performances the group has made ​​since the start partying by the public reception of Barranco and university scene. The transgressive spirit of his music and lyrical references resumes from the most popular to the most local, all with the same vision and with the slogan “From the barrio pa scene”, having as main characteristic of musical improvisation and arm wrestling.


courtesy of Rebelsounds

La Inédita – Del Barrio Pa La Escena by lainedita
La Inédita – Chicha Chicha by lainedita