Indidginus – Sofa Surfer Album (incl. Free Tune)

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I have a new favorite! A couple of days ago, I’ve stumbled upon a super awesome south african Dancehall – Dubstep Tune produced by Indidginus from Cape Town! The Tune called “Babylon King” features the local Reggae Artist Teba on the vocals! At first I just was intersted in this banger, but after listening the whole album, I’ve discovered that it has so much more to offer…

This is a very varied album with lots of great Collaborations, I’m sure, I’ll never get bored of it!

“Sofa Surfer” is a musical journey through Dub, Dubstep, Dancehall, World-Fusion, Electronica and Dance, flavored with global beats and an extra portion of african vibes!

Prelisten some of these wicked tunes here:

this one is even for free, in exchange for your email address! I like the Vocal sample very much.

and I’m pretty shure some of you guys will love this tune! Don’t know who this Madame Blerta is, but she definitely knows how to party!!!

if you want to support Indidginus follow one of these players to his bandcamp page!

And finally here is a Indidginus mix and a interview done for 5FM plus a free tune from his soundcloud:

Indidginus Ultimix at 6 on the Fresh Drive – 5FM – Free Download by indidginus

Indidginus – Hold Your Vision Free Download by indidginus

Facebook: Indidginus