Sancocho E’ Tigres ”Lujo de Pobre” single, loops, & acapella

Subatomic Sound (NYC) teams up with The Rebel Records (Colombia & Canada) bringing together top Latino Cumbia producers to form an all-star supergroup, Sancocho e’ Tigres, unites Javier Estrada, The Binary Cumbia Orchestra, Rustico & Freak Castro AKA THE POBRETONS, den5hion, bleepolar, Daniel Klauser, Caballo + the amazing and perhaps most innovative cumbia producer right now, Gux Swadharma, for a unique project that redefines how music is created and sold, first by composing loops and then composing different songs from each other’s loops.
These same producers were behind the first ever cumbia loop package, Cumbia Bass Beats, 100+ free loops that they gave away free on countless blogs this year. On this single release with two cumbia meets reggaton and dub versions of “Lujo de Pobre” by Chile’s The Pobretons collective, Sancocho e’ Tigres gives away the original loops and acapella used to create the songs on the Lujo De Pobre album!
Sancocho e’ Tigres – Lujo de Pobre (THE POBRETONS Cumbia Dub Remix) by SubatomicSound

Listen to the whole SINGLE.. loops and accapella!!