Lata- Ink Jet Fiesta ( Free EP)

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Andrew Collyer aka LATA is a chilean DUB producer who slowly has been getting a lot of attention in the Global Bass scene, specially with Dub/post dancehall related labels.

He drops his EP called INK JET FIESTA

via THE REBEL RECORDS.. who are also dropping very “unique, tasty and experimental releases”

Check his Barefoot!!!

Lata – Ink Jet Fiesta from Andrew Collyer on Vimeo.

This one in particular is the printer dub!!
Lata – Ink Jet Dub by LATA

Ink Fiesta (barefoot remix)
Lata – Ink Jet Fiesta! (Pa Kongal Remix) by LATA

a moombahton
Ink Jet Moombah by LATA
also a nontempo
Ink Jet Fiesta by LATA