Jon Kwest presents Dusk Mask Moombahton vs UK Hardcore (Free Compilation)

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New Moombahton Sampler compiled by Philadelphia based Bmore Club King Jon Kwest, featuring tunes by Smutlee, DJ Melo, Uncle Jesse, Ckrono, Steve Konkel, Nate Metro, Tactic, Rampage y Naderand, Pickster One and Kwest himself! Those dudes remixed classic UK Hardcore music and transformed them into modern Moombahton bangers!!!

2 Bad Mice Flippa Mafia Cham – Bomb Scare (Smutlee Rmx) by smutlee


Dusk Mask (sendspace)


2 Bad Mice – Bomb Scare (Ckrono Rmx)

2 Bad Mice – Drum Trip (Uncle Jesse Remix)

2 Bad Mice_Flippa Mafia_Cham – Bomb Scare (Smutlee Rmx)

Acen – Close Your Eyes (Jon Kwest Remix)

Bass Boy – Let The Bass Be Louder (Steve Konkel & Nate Metro Remix)

Circa ’91 – Can You Feel Me ( Rampage y Naderand Remix)

Cosmo & Dibs – Star Eyes (Tactic Remix)

Rocking Down The House (DJ Melo Remix)

Skin Up – A Juicy Red Apple (Jon Kwest Remix)

The Awsome 3 – Don’t Go (Pickster One Remix)

The House Crew – Keep The Fire Burning (Jon Kwest Remix)

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