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Frank Lucano- Baila + The Flute (free Caballo rmx)

Posted on 06 July 2011 by Caballo

Italy’s Frank lucano is the newest and hottest producer from Bologna’s underground scene..
His moombah is going to be a massive release!!
But before heading to the Moombah.. Here’s a free tune specially made for those DJ’s who are going from a Global bass set to a dubstep set.. I personally think it works perfectly!!
The Flute!!
The Flute – Caballo rmx original by frank lucano by caballo

Frank Lucano-Baila by Frank Lucano
Frank Lucano – Baila (Ckrono’s “mambocore from hell” 182 bpm rmx) by Ckrono
Frank Lucano – Baila (SAUR Moombahton Remix) — Coming Soon on System Crash Recordings by SAUR

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