Enchufada – Hard Ass Sessions Vol. VI

Enchufada’s “Hard Ass Sessions” is going in the sixth round with today’s release and like the former editions it brings together some of the most prolific producers in the contemporary field of Global/Tropical Dance Music and their vision of/take on/inspiration by Kuduro. In the ring: Brenmar, Kry Wolf, Cardopusher and Schlachthofbronx.

With “Waiting On” Brenmar, usually playing around with a hybrid approach to Club/House/Funky, is delivering a strictly 140 bpm, bouncing, Dirty South-quoting track that has a quite joyful undertone, or has he puts it: “The arp synths are very house which help balance the more aggressive elements, I thought it would be fun to play with a cheekier timbre since most kuduro is very atonal and hard.” (Enchufada posted a little interview for every artist, great idea as I think. They also asked everyone for the five tunes he’s into at the moment, even nicer idea. Here is Brenmar’s: Diamond – I’m One One; Mele – What’s The 411; Fabolous – Rollin; YC – Racks; Jhene Aiko – Stranger (Nguzunguzu Remix).)

Brenmar – Waiting On (Out July 25th!! on Enchufada) by BRENMAR

Kry Wolf’s “Picadinho di Pedalina” is a heavy UK Bass monster where “the crazy percussion” and rawness of Kuduro (inspirational as the guys say) takes a huge room.
Current Top 5: Buraka – Hangover; SBTRKT – Wildfire; Kry Wolf – Lost in Treme – Mr Tickle remix; Brenmar – High; DHS – House of god (Mele booty)

Kry Wolf – Picadinho Di Pedalina (Radio Edit) by enchufada

Cardopusher’s “Tu Bizcochito” builds a perfect bridge the dark and aggressive percussion of Angolan Kuduro and a certain South American (Cumbia) rhythm structure and instrumentation. Perfectly fitting together!
Cardopusher’s Top 5: Kirino – El Choque; Dubbel Dutch – Madloopz (Dutty Artz); Diamond Bass – Nomada (Enchufada); SBTRKT – Look At Stars (Machinedrum remix) (Young Turks); Zwishchenwelt- Clairvoyant (Rephlex)

Cardopusher – Tu Bizcochito by cardopusher

Finally Schlachthofbronx’ “Backup Run” totally goes for the typical aggressive vibe of Kuduro, heighting the paranoic atmosphere with sirens and other Rave-compatible sound bites. A nasty bass, so to speak.
Top 5: Dj Assault – Yo relatives; Leftside &Shaggy – Jump around; Sir Mix-a-Lot – Posse on broadway; That new upcoming track from Redlight and Miss Dynamite; Gnucci Banana – Famalam jam

Schlachthofbronx – Backup Run by schlachthofbronx