World Premiere!! Systema Solar – El Majagual

Posted On By Caballo

If you have heard Colombia’s neo folklore like Bomba Estereo, Chocquibtown or Voodoo JS, you might know Systema Solar.

In case you havent.

These guys are the wickest from the colombian folklore “big 4” .

Here it is their newest single EL MAJAGUAL, and in the gaita, the one and only Pedro Remaya..
(I know some people dont really know/care about this info..but let me tell you.. this is like playing a blues and having BB KING as the guitar!!.. THAT BIG for folklore is this Pedro Remaya.. who also worked with NYC’s Cumba mela few months ago.)

So.. as a World Premiere:

Systema Solar.. El Majagual featuring Pedro Remaya Beltran

also check Their malpalpitando..
a personal favorite