Solo Moderna- Sonido Pouble!

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UrbanWorld Records are very proud to provide you with yet another world mashup release produced and remixed by some of the most fantastic artists at the moment. Help us characterize these tracks by Solo Moderna, is it Cumbia with a little Ska, sprinkled with Balkan and topped with a bit of Swing icing? It doesn’t help when the remixes by Farrapo, Dixone, Canalh and Second Sky & Thomas Blondet spend even wider and include reggaeton rythmns, moombahton, chucu chucu & balcumbia with a touch of afrobeat trumpet.
Solo Moderna – Sonido Poubel by UrbanWorld Records

I could not say it better than Canalh after I asked him what he would characterize his remix as. His reply it really fits well with the whole release.
Leaving the coast cumbia lost a lot of rythmic complexity and was reduced to that characteristic “Tsssss tssss tsssssss” with the guacharaca or the guiro. Meeting industrial productions centers, especially Medellin, cumbia was everywhere. Chucu chucu is how they named the simplified cumbia spreading from the Colombian coast to the inner land. It was regarded as a kind of”depraved cumbia” by the traditional musicians of the coast. All what we, nu-cumbia producers, do in the XXIth century, is actually a kind of depraved chucu chucu, ha ha!!You see my remix got that “tsss tsss tsss” but there’s no tambora, no llamador, no flauta de milo o gaita, etc. Chucu chucu. Canalh.
Solo Moderna – The Scatterer (Canalh Remix) by UrbanWorld Records

Some of you my think, Pouble? I will let Bas from Solo Moderna explain.
Pouble comes from the French junk or waistbin and refers to the hometown organization Poubelle where I’m mostlybying my vegetables but also instruments like waisted 10 euro guitars, drums, xylophones etc witch I have been using on Sonido Pouble. So in fact it’s junk- orwaistbin audio! Don’t wanna use the exact name Poubelle as you understand it is a brandname, though referring is ok. I’m eclectic as hell as you now in music styles so I also wanna mix languages and create new meanings. Other thing is that the words, solo moderna, have the same more meanings but nobody complained yet haha, last reaction from a Spanish girl was, gourcious, but could be polite too! Bas.
Solo Moderna – The Scatterer by UrbanWorld Records

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Solo Moderna – Sonido Pouble EP by UrbanWorld Records