Richy Pitch feat Yasmeen – “Dey Suffer” Remixes

The Berlin and London based label BBE (also our office mates) is releasing new remixes of Richy Pitch’s “Dey Suffer” (featuring the impressing lyrics and vocals of Yasmeen) done by DJ Vadim, Karizma and Richy Pitch himself.

Richy Pitch recorded and produced the Afrobeat song ‘Dey Suffer’ in Accra, Ghana. The beautiful words & vocals come from Yasmeen, daughter of the legendary West African producer Faisal Helwani Hedzolleh & Bunzu Sounds).

richy pitch yasmeen cover remix

The song ‘Dey Suffer’ tells us about the emigration out of Africa which has created a ‘brain drain’, with qualified people leaving for wealthier pastures. A topic that becomes even more grave and urgent these days with every boat leaving North Africa heading for Lampedusa and other Southern European coasts…
As Yasmeen explains:

Africans love their motherland, but she’s suffering so we all leave to find better fortune elsewhere.

The original version of “Dey Suffer” is taken from the album “Ye Fre Mi Richy Pitch” and the remixes will be released May 2nd, 2011 by BBE Records.

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BBE Records website