Some of you know MUNCHAID, the compilation made to help our mate munchi.

One of the coolest song in there was club cocaine by Jairo Mendez!!

Now you can get it for FREE

After the success of Rumba Puta (his debut EP) Jairomendez our favorite Venezuelan farmer decided to leave the land he grew up to find inspiration in the city!!
Halfway through the trip, after spending its entire budget in liquor, he had to stay in San Cristóbal, having to move in with his aunt Gladys who had a ranch in the Barrio El Rio.
Club cocaine – Jairomendez by jairomendez

There, on his first day of stay, had a run with a cunning and was stabbed in the stomach that foiled hisdreams of getting ahead. Bedridden, he spent his days listening to music through the window coming from his neighbors and watching the directv plus Venevision channel (stolen from the neighbor’s house). One of those long nights, the spirit of Charles K (former leader of the inmates of Santa Ana) appeared to our stabbed friend and said that the only way I could get revenge on her attackers was releasing a new EP.

The result? Dance Stab, 5 subjects who took to the Rio by storm, transforming Jairomendez the local hero, finishing with these thugs and their girlfriends conquering step forever.

Dance is a material stabbed to earn the glory of all parties and to let everyone know who the king of the farmers today and always, Jairomendez.


songs in the EP
Cuerpo alma y dem bow – Jairomendez by jairomendez