I-lodica- Separation = Illusion

Dub and Melodica! Super roots sound!! and a Free Download!!
Wicked release from Dubbhism.

I-lodica is dropping their great EP!!

dubb i-lodica – melodica on fiya by DUBBHISM

Love this one!!
dubb i-lodica – fight the lie by DUBBHISM

The player of the instrument had a melodica round the age of 5 and proceeded to rip off the muppet show with his first compositions. Then after a break of maybe 15 years, a friend passed him a beat up hohner and the thing played itself. He was given this melodica, and on closer inspection found cleverly crafted chord sequences and melodies being beamed straight into it, way beyond the capabilities of the man holding the instrument. Sequences, he found, that lead the listener to the place where they originate. The man thereby dedicated his life to following the road where the sound takes it. The dubshot port of call leaves the player, name of ilodica, well pleased.
dubb i-lodica – cold feet by DUBBHISM
December 2010, it was the coldest day of the year. I-lodica was travelling from Brighton (UK) to Leiden (NL). The ferry hit mainland at 7:00 in the morning in a distant town. With zero euro in his pockets, Dave managed to get to Leiden in just a few hours. A recording session was scheduled at 14:00 local time. Too ambitious. It took I-lodica the rest of the day to make it to Tony Dubshot’s studio at the edge of town. Public transport was virtually knocked out because of the heavy snowfall. After a day of busking Dave finally found a bus that took him in the right direction, south of the river rhine. When he arrived at Dubshot’s place, I-lodica wasted no time. Blazing up the fire in the studio, he laid down these 5 tracks in about an hour, one take style.

dubb i-lodica – south of the river rhine by DUBBHISM