It is time for some Afro-Peruvian music.

This is one of the most beautiful and barely know genres from the “world music” context, althogh some people might think it is very festive, it is not even close to cumbia.

Minneapolis based musician/producer Cory Wong is on a mission to spread the music of Peru’s coast as far and wide as possible. Last April, he traveled to Lima and assembled an ensemble to help document Afro-Peruvian music. The group was called Peña (a meeting place or grouping of artists/musicians) and their first album was released in October ’10 on Wong’s Secret Stash Records imprint.
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Cardo o Ceniza

Wong is focused on growing public interest in what he calls “one of the most soulful and heartfelt genres of music I’ve ever heard.”
In addition to the release of Peña Volume 2, Secret Stash is also planning the release of a compilation of classic Afro-Peruvian recordings this spring. Also, in an effort to help share Afro-Peruvian music with young musicians, Wong has assembled a live ensemble and educational curriculum that he is bringing to colleges throughout the country this fall. What may have seemed like a one off project to some people is on the path to becoming a musical force with serious longevity.

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