Farrapo & Yanez- Samborigeno & Oliveto EP

Farrapo & Yanez started in 2005 when the singer/composer Yanez Servadei and Giorgio Cencetti (DJ Farrapo) decided to mix their experiences and bring up a fresh mix of electro-brazilian music. Several releases later on Afro Art, Tam Tam Studio and Agogo Records, the duo is ready with a release for UrbanWorld Records.
This is Samborigeno!!! A sick Brazilian Bass tune!!
Farrapo & Yanez – Samborigeno by UrbanWorld Records

Samborigeno is a high-energy samba electro track, the remixes from Bert On Beats takes it further into samba breaks.
Farrapo & Yanez – Samborigeno (Bert on Beats Remix) by UrbanWorld Records
Maga Bo completely transforms the track into a latin grime like vibe with help from MC funkero.
Farrapo & Yanez – Samborigeno (Maga Bo ft Funkero Remix) by UrbanWorld Records

Oliveto is a funkier samba where the remixes from Los Chicos Altos takes it down a bit and Thykier ads the real samba de roda feel to it.
Farrapo & Yanez ft Botecoeletro – Oliveto by UrbanWorld Records
Farrapo & Yanez ft Botecoeletro – Oliveto (Los Chicos Altos Remix) by UrbanWorld Records
Farrapo & Yanez ft Botecoeletro – Oliveto (Thykier Remix) by UrbanWorld Records