Spragga Benz – Shotta Culture

Jamaican artist Spragga Benz comes with a heavy new tune – “Shotta culture”, which deals with violence in Jamaica. A “shotta” is a killer or somebody who is involved in illegal activities. The song ist part of the upcoming album with songs that include “Get that Dough”, “This is the Way” and “No Way No How” featuring the legendary Marcia Griffiths.

Produced by Salaam Remi, video directed by Rad Kassa.

The song is the official video of the documentary “Shotta Culture”. Many of you might know Spragga Benz also from the cult movie “Shottas”. Spragga Benz founded the Carlisle Foundation recently (named in honor of his slain son Carlton Grant Jr) which will give scholarships to Jamaican students.

Kingston, Jamaica born Spragga Benz is the subject of Shotta Culture- A documentary about the life of this influential dancehall artist and the unforgiving streets he came from. Born into a large family of modest means, Shotta Culture chronicles Spragga’s rise to fame, as he overcomes personal obstacles, political strife and violence to become one of Jamaica’s most influential artists. Shotta Culture also explores the 2008 murder of Spragga’s son, Carlton Grant, Jr. at the hands of police.

more info: shottaculture.com
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