“BukBuka” turkish Tropical

Posted On By Leub

We would like to introduce Irfan Davazli aka. BukBuka, an upcoming producer from Istanbul, to you. According to himself his music is described best with the genre of “Barefoot”, which was invented by austrians CEE & Stereotyp in 2003. Barefoot is a music genre without tempo limits which is related to Dubstep, DnB , Grime and Dancehall.

Check some of his work here:

BukBuka – Capoeiristas (Best Capoeira Brazil Clip Vers.) by BukBuka

or watch the Promo Video for Capoeiristas:

Bukbuka – no name yet (short vers.) by BukBuka

Bukbuka – Buk Buk Song by BukBuka

since the last tune feels like some kind of electronic Soca/Dancehall riddim, i’ve decided to lay a vocal from trinidadian Artist KMC over it:

BukBuka ft. KMC – I’m Not Drunk (Mr.Leub Buk Buk Song Remix) by Leub

Myspace: BukBuka