Monkey Safari new ep & mixtape

26th february 2010 will see the release of Monkey Safari’s new EP ‘Zulu’. What! What! Records give the chance to prelisten on soundcloud.

The Ep comes with six tracks:
01 Monkey Safari – Zulu
02 Monkey Safari – Zulu (Lorcan Mak Remix)
03 Monkey Safari – Zulu (Yankee Zulu Remix)
04 Monkey Safari – Fanfara
05 Monkey Safari – Fanfara (Chaos In The CBD Remix)
06 Monkey Safari – The Boogeyman

The german duo (their sets and productions influences of African rhythms, Hip Hop, Funk, Midget House and a variety of musical styles from all over the world) created also a great minimix for it’s booking agency Jackmode.

Monkey Safari – Jackmode Mix by Jackmode

01 Electro Boy – Texas Drug Test (Pizeta Arizona Remix)
02 Super Flu – Didschn
03 Pizetta Klezmer – Reagadelica (Alvaro Arabic Nights Remix)
04 Chernobyl & Praga – Balanca (Renaissance Man Remix)
05 Riva Starr – Trompe D Amour
06 Monkey Safari – Zulu (Yankee Zulu Remix)
07 Nick & Danny Chatelain – Katrinyla (Mastiksoul Buff Buff Remix)
08 Daniel Haaksman – Senta Senta Mais Uma Vez (Zombie Disco Squad Remix)
09 Jeff Doubleu – Foxy Jazz
10 Edith Piaf – Tiens Voila Un Marin

Monkey Safari – Boogeyman

Before I finish, two words to Monkey Safari: Big – Up!