João Brasil – Let It Baile

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As part of his 365mashups project (he’ll release one mashup a day a whole year long!) the amazing João Brasil posted this whole Beatles/Baile Funk mashup LP two days ago.
Yes it’s exactly what you think it is and it’s sooo hilarious, but i think Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney will really hate him for this! ;)

Definitely worth a download!

Grab it here

This is what you get:

1 – Two rinocerontes bill (The Beatles X MC Bill and MC Bolinho)

2 – Ela balança mais nao pony (The Beatles X MC Buiu)

3 – Descontroladas Universe (The Beatles X Bonde do tigrão)

4 – Bolete mine (The Beatles X MC Colibri)

5 -Dig Minigame (The Beatles X Montagem Minigame)

6 – Let it injeção be (The Beatles X Deize Tigrona)

7 – Maggie, bum bum se conquista (The Beatles X Mr. Catra)

8 – I’ve got a vacilão (The Beatles X Perlla)

9 – Atoladinha 909 (The Beatles X Tati Quebra Barraco)

10 – The Long and Salgueiro (The Beatles X Claudinho e Buchecha)

11 – Kuduro Blues (The Beatles X MC Andrezinho Shock)

12 – Get pet (The Beatles X MC Robinho)

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