Check this great german hiphop sampler – The name is the motto: “Volume Up”

“Volume Up” – the project of three german yardies outta hanoverMortis One, Peter Oase and Vitamin C.

Since yesterday the Volume Up Sampler can be found on the internet as free download, reportedly made up out of a squiffy mood. Those three homies really did a great job in creating a respectable german Hiphop-CD. It’s a MUST HEAR for every fan of german-speaking Hiphop and an absolute SHOULD HEAR for everyone else!

But get yourself an impression of that crazy homeboys live in action:

Download the 21-tracks-sampler with feat. of Abroo, Don Mono, Jimmy Spliff, Dreimetermann, Luis, DJ Frenetikk, Zement87, Projekt Gummizelle, Morlockk and many more.


Download here

01. Volume Up, Don Mono – Intro (prod. Mortis One)
02. Mortis One, Vitamin C – Volume Up (prod. Ruxtables)
03. Mortis One, Peter Oase, Vitamin C – Affenkot (prod. Mortis One)
04. Dreimetermann, Mortis One, Vitamin C – Hip Hop (prod. Mortis One)
05. Peter Oase – Ich glaube es geht los (prod. Mortis One)
06. Vitamin C – Das Foto (prod. Mortis One)
07. Mortis One – Teufel im Nacken (prod. Mortis One)
08. Mortis One, Melania, Jimmy Spliff – Üble Zeit (prod. Ruxtables)
09. Abroo, Mortis One
10. Vitamin C – Geh kaputt (prod. Mortis One)
11. Peter Oase, Rasputin, Mortis One – Mädchen (prod. Mortis One)
12. Mortis One, DNice, Atze M. – Klopp den DJ um (prod. Mortis One)
13. Morlockk Dilemma, Mortis One – Dieser Beat (prod. Mortis One)
14. Peter Oase – Jugendstil (prod. Mortis One)
15. Peter Oase, Vitamin C, Mortis One – Messerschiesserei (prod. Peter Oase)
16. Mortis One, Vitamin C, Peter Oase, Luis, Don Mono – Was ich kann (prod. Mortis One)
17. Vitamin C – Sonntag Nachmittag (prod. Mortis One)
18. Mortis One – Solang du Geld hast (prod. Peter Oase)
19. Projekt Gummizelle, Mortis One, Peter Oase – Luft (prod. Rac)
20. Vitamin C, Nut Rageous, DJ Frenetikk – Young Dirty and Wild (prod. Kova)
21. Mortis One, Zement87 – Niemals erwachsen (prod. Mortis One)

If you appreciate music to touch you can order the sampler pressed as CD in vinyl optics with digipak for just 10,00 € at les petits. Just text and you’ll have your copy after a few days in your mail box!