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Daft Punk -Harder, better, faster, stronger(The Algorithm REMIX)

Posted on 31 January 2012 by Caballo

0124 300x300 Daft Punk  Harder, better, faster, stronger(The Algorithm REMIX)
Tropicalbass is perhaps the only blog who keeps posting Djentstep on a regular basis.
Sometimes Aggressive Tendencies can not be skipped, because they are just as amazing as any other part of the whole music scene.

Djentstep creator, The Algorithm, has done a great approach to Daft Punk’s anthem.
And he drops it for Free Download

Daft Punk – ./harder_better_faster_stronger (The Algorithm REMIX) by The Algorithm

In case you didn’t know who is/was The Algorithm
JUST CLICK this track and then you will experience his music
Isometry 1.1 by The Algorithm