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Spoek Mathambo – War on Words

Posted on 31 August 2010 by Jelka

Another visually overwhelming video by one of my favorite artists at the moment: Spoek Mathambo, whose album just dropped yesterday, with “War on Words”. The tune is a quite dark and disturbing Dubstep track talking about lovesickness. The video imagines “the story of a heartbroken widow performing pagan ceremonies to bring her dead husbands back […]

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Munich, August 19th: DIE ANTWOORD live

Posted on 17 August 2010 by Jelka

Zef-side next level shit: DIE ANTWOORD will rock Munich on Thursday, August 19th.

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Spoek Mathambo – Mshini Wam

Posted on 05 August 2010 by Marflix

The new Spoek Mathambo album on BBE is almost there and the first video for it was just released Make sure you also check our interview with Spoek Mathambo. Spoek Mathambo myspace. SPOEK MATHAMBO – MSHINI WAM from spoek mathambo on Vimeo.

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TropicalBass talks to: Spoek Mathambo

Posted on 03 August 2010 by Jelka

TropicalBass talks to Spoek Mathambo – this time even with a VIDEO for all the non-readers out there.

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Ayobaness Party Tour! The Sound of South African House

Posted on 02 July 2010 by Julia

Ayobaness on tour! The latest of the South African house craze is touring in Germany, making sure that the songs that are rocking crowds in the minibus-taxis from Durban to Pretoria, Jo’Burg to Capetown also move hips and feets in Munich, Berlin and at the festival TFF in Rudolstadt!

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Come on, come on – let’s sing a cheesy soccer song! Part 2

Posted on 20 June 2010 by Jelka

Part 2 of our ultimate soccer song survey.

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Come on, come on – let’s sing a cheesy soccer song!

Posted on 13 June 2010 by Jelka

Here we go with our ultimate list of soccer songs for the Fifa World Cup in South Africa, part 1.

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Riddims Tropicale #6

Posted on 07 June 2010 by Martin

June edition of our monthly podcast “Riddims Tropicale” – South Africa – Kwaito and Kwaito House Special.

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LADUMA – Songs for the World Cup 2010 in South Africa

Posted on 21 May 2010 by Jelka

Get in the mood for Soccer World Cup 2010 with this awesome compilation, featuring artists from all over the world.

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Spoek Mathambo & Mshini Wam – Gwababa (Don’t be scared)

Posted on 29 March 2010 by Jelka

Brandnew video from Spoek Mathambo & Mshini Wam

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