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Tarraxa ma mi (No 1) – Monthly Tarraxinha/Kizomba/Zouk Bass/Ghetto Zouk Round Up

Posted on 23 January 2014 by Jelka


With Zouk Bass dominating the whole field of Tropical Bass in 2013, we not only saw a lot of new and well known producers jumping on that bandwagon, you could also notice a heightened interest in the origins of that sound: Tarraxinha, Kizomba and Ghetto Zouk. We always tried to represent all aspects of this movement, meaning producers and DJs from the past and present and all those genres involved, and talked in length about appropriation, genealogy and other related topics (check out the related posts section to immerse yourself deeper in that discourse).

Nevertheless, our new monthly “Tarraxa ma mi Round Up” will tackle a different aspect – the special demands DANCERS have!

Dancing Kizomba and Tarraxinha is great fun, and if you have tried it you will never want to stop again. Having fun in the club for you means shaking your bootie (or in this case your bunda)? Try Kizomba! You thought Social Dancing is not for you because you need that heavy bassline? Try Kizomba! I can recommend it to everyone, and as it is a craze in the international dancing world right now, you should find a place to learn and practice almost in every bigger city, at least in Europe, the US and Africa.

As you will find many banging tunes that will shake a bass-heavy club environment as much as a Kizomba-dancing crowd, but not every Zouk Bass tune is danceable, it totally makes sense for us to start with this monthly round up of the best new stuff from the world of Tarraxinha, Kizomba, Ghetto Zouk and Zouk Bass for dancers. It will be from a dancer’s perspective but always with an eye on the club – so hopefully many people will find themselves in this totally subjective selection. This perspective also means the selection is very open for sounds from other genres or genre-hybrids. As long as you it is suitable for dancing Kizomba and/or Tarraxa on it, you will find it here (great example: many Baile Trap/Twerk productions will burn down any Kizomba crowd in an instant).

DJ Bison – The Wave of Tarraxinha EP
DJ Bison is definitely one of the most interesting young, up and coming producers of Tarraxinha and Zouk Bass. This EP was just released on Generation Bass and is a sure shot – stripped down to the essentials with a quite dark flavor.

Not from the EP, but brand-new:

Aaliyah – Are you that somebody (J.B. Kizomba/Tarraxinha Remix)
I love me some Aaliyah anytime. This is a perfect and on point remix chopping up the iconic Aaliyah/Timbaland combo “Are you that somebody”.

Second tune is a a Tarraxinha rework of one of the best TLC tunes ever, “Silly Ho”.

Os Intocáveis – Não Balança
Nice vibing club tune by “the Untouchables”.

MC Ti Pocki – Quero Bunda (Comrade Baile Twerk Remix)
Yes, Comrade. Yes, Twerk-Rasterinha-Rework. Yes, works.

Vybz Kartel – Ever Blessed (DJ Paparazzi Remix)
Well, you can even dance Kizomba on Vybz Kartel. Dark-vibed remix by prolific DJ Paparazzi from London. Definitely check out his free “Booty Pack Volume 2” for more great stuff.

Saaphy – Game Over
Superfresh Kizomba tune by french artist Saaphy, just released today! Produced by Elji Beatzkilla, a US-based rapper and producer with Cape Verdian roots who is also responsible for Stony’s huge “Dança Kizomba”.

Fantastic Vibes – La La La (Naughty Boy/DJ Rams Remix)
A little bit older already but still going very strong. DJ Rams is a specialist for very clever constructed instrumentals and a favorite among technical dancers.

Mika Mendes – Magico (DJ Estraga Remix)
“Magico” was a big hit in 2013, this remix gives it a quite ambient and spheric vibe.

Twenty Fingers – Estou a desconfiar
Those guys are my favorite artists from Mocambique actually. Also check their ubertunes from 2013, “Jet Aime” and “Agarra”.

Nelly Furtado – Say it right (Remixed by Malcolm)
Easy going remix that makes Nelly Furtado listenable again.

DJ Express – Dirty Kizomba (Part 2) Mixtape
Everyone who puts that Jersey Club squeeking on Kizomba tunes has to be featured. Check this minimix with a couple of DJ Express remixes, who is btw the production collaborator of Elji.

DJ Ly-COox – Ta Doer
Last one for the Tarraxa heads ;).

The super-convenient “Tarrxa ma mi (No 1)”-Soundcloud-Playlist:

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Posted on 19 October 2015 by Andrés

mixtapeNext round of fresh Mixtapes – This time we go from Zouk to Soca to Grime. Hot Sounds from Photo Romance, DJ Lantern and Sonido Berzerk for your pleasure.

Mixpak FM 087 comes from French-Senegalese producer & DJ Photo Romance. Heavily inspired by the sounds of Angola and their influence in Europe, his music floats around the palettes of Kuduro, Kizomba, Tarraxo and Zouk. His latest EP, Lagoa Roxa, released on his own La Brousse record label, is a sensual, instrumental exploration of the 90bpm tarraxo genre.


Some Soca by DJ Lantern. Getting you warmed up for Miami Carnival. All your favourite Crop Over 2015 hits, new releases for Trinidad 2k16, Trinidad 2k15 hits and more.

Footworkspecialist Sonido Berzerk from Vera Cruz, Mexico with an cool Grime Mixtape.

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Marflix – Riddims Tropicale #37: Kompa Gouyad Edition

Posted on 13 April 2015 by Marflix


Finally a new episode of Riddims Tropicale arrived, as always mixed live and soaked with rum by yours truly Marflix – this time fully dedicated to Kompa (or Compas): The Punch en musique Edition.

Kompa – The father of Zouk, grand daddy of other genres like Kizomba was always here, maybe kinda hidden in the shadow the omnipresent Zouk Pop and Zouk Love. Since a while a young generation of bands (like Cruz La, Xtassy, Harmonik and more) and producer / DJs (like DJ Excel, 5Lan, Krezibeatz, DJ Douly) of the Haitian diasporas, esp in Montreal, NY or Miami are creating a new style and giving Kompa a new twist. Maybe not really new, let’s say more radical: the riddims get slower and the songs have less focus on the vocals. Many DJs even cut out the vocals, leaving just a chorus and looping the instrumental parts. Reduce to the core, reduce to the gouyad.

In Berlin you might hear Gouyad Kompas on our “Punch en Musique” night, a monthly in the Caribbean restaurant Madinina where we lime with some rum punches and Martiniquen food.
So this edition of Riddims Tropicale is dedicated to Punch en Musique at our favorite hangout. If you’re in Berlin this Saturday, come over.

In case you missed Riddims Tropicale #36 with special guest Silent Pressure, grab it at soundcloud:

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10 most read articles in Febr. 2015

Posted on 04 March 2015 by Marflix


This is what you guys where most interested in February 2015:

1. Symbiz – Boom Clap Riddim (Free Download)
2. Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 53
3. Chuckie & Childsplay – TrapHall 2 (Free EP)
4. Marimba y Bass Mixtape by Andrés Digital
5. Selecta Doc – Selectahton (Free EP)
6. Fautre – Bunda Twerk
7. World Of Moombahton (1 Gb Sample Pack)
8. 15 (retro) Zouk tunes you should know
9. Cham ft. Damian Marley – Fighter (Free Download)
10. Tarraxa ma mi (No 1) – Monthly Tarraxinha/Kizomba/Zouk Bass/Ghetto Zouk Round Up

Picture credit:

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Caballo- Digital Nomad

Posted on 16 January 2015 by Caballo

caballo- Digital Nomad

The best creative commons label of the planet, LCL, joins & latino resiste to drop this 7 track album from Caballo. FREE Download.

The music can be grabbed into different formats, individual mp3s, whole zip, torrents or via FMA (Free Music Archive)

Digital Nomad is an album that goes into very different directions.
The opening track has this eastern appeal that was the early signature of Caballo’s sound.

The second track called Digital Nomad, has this dancehall-bass-eastern sound that becomes the album title as it defines the overall sound

Moving into Southern East, and blending Bhangra with Kizomba, beautiful forever has this positive message that dances easily with the slow and energetic Angolan-inspired vibe

After being into the Bass scene for a while, it was obvious that 808 aesthetics would involve a lot of Caballo’s new tracks.
This in particular has this Twerkish approach

Although Caballo’s forte has been Cumbia Bass since the inception of the Mothafu Kings project.
Abuela is exactly that>
a Bouncing Cumbia with some funky horn section and lots of bass

This album has been created in collaboration with who is perhaps the most frantic page in Latin America for mestizo sound.
The song Dub Kong is heavily inspired in the works that are usually featured on the page, this track goes from dub, to bhangra or drum and bass.

Last song of the album is a Pow Wow Bass track inspired by the Idle No More movement in Canada.
Trying to support the Indigenous movement, so people from the first nations in Canada do not end like the natives from Colombia and Brazil, whose sacred lands were absolute destroyed for mining purposes.

This song means a lot, personally to the album, although its real impact to stop the Canadian gov. actions is almost non existent, trying to create a track that generates awareness while perhaps gets some independent radio air or an underground party or your personal mp3 player will always remind that there are people and struggles we need to support, even though they do not end on the front page on the news.

Last track is Picnic on the Pipeline

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Josias Sorte feat. Esgil Dilopa – Banco Fiel [2014]

Posted on 31 August 2014 by Caballo


For all those who are into zouk bass, kizomba, and all the sexy side of 90BPM tunes, Banco Fiel is that kind of tracks that will fit perfectly to any MP3 or DJ Set.


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ZoukBass Vol 3

Posted on 25 December 2013 by Caballo


Here at Tropicalbass we have supported Zouk Bass since ‘its inception’ as much as supporting Tarraxo, Kizomba and lots of African Genres!
So it is more than appropriate we are also covering the impressive ZOUKBASS vol 3, which has been curated by Generation Bass, Zouk Bass TV, and Latino Resiste, with a lot of musicians from their Catalog and also many new guests.

No music Preview, as we do not want to give priority to anyone. 20 BOMBS.


So to know more about the actual release here it is the whole PR:

It’s been less than a year since that infamous Boiler Room session last February 2013 when Mc Kalaf of Buraka Som Sistema uttered those now almost legendary words “Zouk Bass”.

It’s now one of the strongest and fastest-growing scenes of the ever expanding global bass Diaspora. Tarraxinha is also remaining intact within the sound as Zouk Bass moves forward with Western producers treading with respect and also very carefully with their interpretations. Some are also digging deep into the history of the roots versed in this Angolan creation.

Generation Bass, Zouk Bass TV & Latino Resiste once again join their forces to gather some of the most impressive ZB producers and the freshest tracks for the end of 2013, showcasing what is likely to be in store for 2014.

The compilation covers a wide spectrum of the Kizomba/Tarraxo influenced genre with pioneers like DZC Crew and Riot of Buraka Som Sistema. We have also discovered new found and exciting talents like Bison and Mala Noche who we feel are likely to play a key role in future developments.

We have the best of the new lot who have migrated to Zouk Bass from genres like Moombahton, Trap, Twerk or Dubstep. There’s the UK trio KJs who are fast becoming masters in a deep, sensual sound. The Middle East’s vastly underrated but always impressive SaBBo who released the first official Zouk Bass EP and Russia’s most exciting new producer Insane Fennel whose cinematic sound paints some of the finest film noire moments for the scene.

The compilation also showcases the point where Zouk Bass has started to create a hybrid sound with Twerk & Trap with the likes of rising star – JSTJR, another of America’s finest Zouk Bass trailblazers – Banginclude, Munchi’s prodigy – Morrison, another of Russia’s finest – Chuck Upbeat remixing DR’s young buck – Happy Colors, Argentina’s -Reptilian Commander and the newly formed MikeLuma (aka Banginclude) x TomPhonic representing.

There’s also a bunch of new names joining the ranks like Gingee, Rhythmstar, Chong X, Sauvage FM, Oktored, Squareffekt and Jameston Thieves who have all surprised us with their take on the scene.

This new volume, the 3rd in the series is a testament to how exciting and unique this new movement is and also shows how it is likely to continue to grow and evolve as time goes on.

Download it for FREE courtesy of each one of the producers & Crew who kindly submitted their songs; as well as the great work of artists & bloggers who belong to the Zouk Bass TV, Generation Bass & LR catalogue.


1. DZC Deejays – Suspense
2. Chong X – Phalawatas
3. Bison & Squareffekt – Ghetto Tarraxo
4. SaBBo – Slow Hello
5. OktoRed – Brains and Crystals
6. Gingee – Jangala
7. Happy Colors & Chuck Upbeat – Maldita Puta
8. Sauvage FM – Gnawaxinha
9. JSTJR – Monadnock
10. Missy Elliot – Get Your Zouk On (Riot Bootleg)
11. Banginclude – Apeshit
12. Reptilian Commander – Kiritimati
13. Jameston Thieves – Dagga
14. Morrison – Kaliber
15.MikeLuma X TomPhonic – Landlord
16. Mala Noche – Maconha
17. William Araujo – Ta Male (Dj Express Remix)
18. KJs – Tempest
19. Rhythmstar – Dark Artz
20. Insane Fennel – Carol of the Bells

Mastering by JSTJR

Art was inspired and grabbed from MGITE

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B.N.M. – Flautista Agressivo (FREE Exclusive)

Posted on 17 December 2013 by Caballo


Tarraxo, Kizomba, Afrobeat pioneers, the guys from Principe Discos bring two bangers for FREE

The second banger is
P.D.D.G. – Hino dos PDDG

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MAL DICEN: The challenges of being underground

Posted on 28 November 2013 by Caballo


It is been a while since I (Caballo) have written an editorial.

There are several reasons on why I’d like to discuss some of my personal views on why being underground is a blessing and a curse at the same time.

So, if you have some time; I would like to invite you to join me, for a small trip in the urban underground musical scene.

And before I even start talking about deeper and broader topics I would like to create a context on why I believe underground music is the real cradle, the source, and the only way to go if you want to be ‘an artist’ and not a product.

This will have more cons than pros, tho.


I have been honored, to write, collaborate and help in research for many “key players” websites in the planet.
Thanks to this, at some point I was reached by one of the ‘big search engines’ asking if I wanted to write about ‘EDM’ & the so-called “world music” for them.

My initial thought was: Absolutely!
But later in the process I learned I had to write about stuff that had been selected to be featured, which immediately took the whole fun of discovering new acts and scenes.

Let’s say that I would have to write positive stuff about some dudes I’ve never heard before, like Guetta, or Afrojack, but It went further, to write about Paris Hilton, Pitbull, J-Lo, Gaga and so on.

The task was not even that hard, I could perfectly lie or even take the painful way of actually listen to Paris Hilton new album and get the best of it, put it in a nice way, so people actually would see that this or that was worth at least of checking out. I could do that with no problem.

The sour part is they did want my name (real name) to be in the site, as the main reason they contacted me is because ‘street credibility’. (whatever that means) and a bunch of confidentiality agreements.

So I am keeping my word of not talking about more details.

But I can say, most of the ‘conspiracy theorists’ about some people dictating what people should listen to, are not THAT CRAZY.

But it is NOT dictated by any means or anyone. Music is unpredictable.

It can be marketed, aimed, and designed to be purchased by certain target consumers.

But even if it is not made by corporations, same purpose applies: We all want our music to be heard by millions.

So to actually play with their rules, and canalizing the profits to the actual multi-corporations who own part (or the total) of the labels in where the featured artists have contract was not a moral issue.

I still had no problem in doing that.
But the main reason for me to actually say no, to ‘an amazing chance’ is the main reason I created Latino Resiste, and later on its sub label Mal Dicen:

TO CREATE AWARENESS of acts and scenes that are struggling not only economically but also artistically to get heard by first world communities.

I realized even as a blogger, I faced same challenges 99% of underground musicians/producer face.

The Challenges of Underground Music:

1- Relevance: Many artists/bloggers (specially young ones) believe in renovating their style in order to keep alive their numbers. There is nothing wrong with that.

The problem with trying to be relevant at whatever cost is that music changes so fast, and hype genres get so over exposed that it creates polarization and actually sends people in many directions:

A) Those who were doing X or Z style which now is ‘declared dead’ by the guys who have a hidden agenda (OR never made it on that specific style) will suffer a HUGE shift. Some will move to the new hype, some will become bitter and grumpier.

B) Many hype genres are [at first] just recycled genres that now get relevance, thanks mainly for those who are in the spotlight, but in most cases never gets the real highlight in the actual originators; who eventually get forgotten.

C) Ghostproduction: If one artist cannot do that style, but the public who go to their shows is blind & deaf to something that is NOT relevant, a logical step would be to ‘collaborate’ or in many cases, go all the way down by hiring someone who can actually do the track one wants.

On the contrary side, there are hundreds of thousands of great examples of people who keep themselves relevant, by just sticking to their guns, and once in a while, doing a current collaboration.

It also is an educational process, that artists are guilty of. There is nothing wrong with keep playing your genre forever. There are hundreds of ways of reinventing yourself and keeping the original style.

2- Capitalize: Most of us, contrary of what is published on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, have a really hard time in making an stable income of music.

Some months may be good, but we never know how the next one is going to be.

I know many djs who play Tuesday-Saturday and make a ‘decent living’ of it. (some actually play Mon-Sun)

The problem of doing that, is you need to a) ask an absurd amount of money for show and then you go back to producing or B) to do it for an absurd amount of months/years which will affect your “RELEVANCE” if you play Hype music.

Plus there is no secret being on the road for too long, takes a gargantuan toll on your personal life and sometimes your health.

So ‘unknown’-independent musicians/djs/producers are always trying to figure out how to make money.
Call it youtube monetization, spotify royalties, kickstarter campaing, bandcamp sales, merch, limited edition vinyl, deluxe edition CD, etc etc. We try EVERYTHING. Some work, most dont.

Why? Over-saturation of that specific genre, OR, that genre ‘has been declared dead’. Not enough PR campaign. Perhaps the actual content of the music is not solid enough, there are countless reasons.

So, what to do if you are NOT making enough money? reinvent yourself, either visually, connect with an agent if you are interested in gigs, be part or create a network inside a label, but mostly, keep positive and proactive.

If you have a family ‘to feed’ and/or ‘legal obligations’ with your children, and you are NOT a famous producer who gets well paid for performing, I personally recommend to focus on what is important, and from there, to reach an equilibrium. when there is a will, there is a way.

3- Numbers One of the biggest problems any underground label, blog, or musician faces is the social prejudice and definition of success.

There are several bloggers who keep trying to sell the idea of THIS IS THE NEW SH*T, or even WE RUN THIS SH*T NOW!
There is an impressive amount of producers who drop their albums in exchange of Facebook LIKES or Twitter Followers.
There are quite a few ‘shady companies’ who use bots and random people, to boots your plays on SC, youtube, spotify.

Why? because most of the people define something is good even before clicking if it has lots of comments, likes, shares, or whoever makes the song is ‘relevant’.

But those numbers do not mean anything, they can be reset to zero by a human mistake, by a hacker, by an algorithm mistake, and then what? I DO believe it is really exciting to see all those comments, shares & likes in one’s work.

But if you do your music, your posts, your craft, your art, with the ambition of getting comments, traffic, likes, shares; then your are in the music for the wrong reasons.

well. not ‘wrong’ in the strict sense, let’s say for your own reasons, not for the ‘love’ of doing music.


When I saw I could not make it, Even if I was on Mad Decent, it would be a really tough task. We already have Diplo, Dillon, Riff Raff, and I personally have a different personality towards fame and not even mention my music.

I decided to go on my own quest.

I would help to get a highlight, to each one of the talented people/scenes I saw ‘struggling’ and/or to create a platform for people to get access to great music, with an actual background.

A sense. Either champeta, tuki, zouk bass, moombahton, 3ball, cumbia, or twerk, but everything had to have a purpose.

I created Mal Dicen: as a sublabel of my own label LATINO RESISTE, and either with LR or with Mal Dicen I have been able to ‘surf’ some of those challenges:

We made a great connection with Beat Making Lab, PBS, and eventually Major Lazer’s Walshy Fire was also involved, JUST to connect people from Ghana, Panama, Ethiopia, Fiji, and Congo WITH producers from all over the world who perhaps did not know about those rhythms or places.

We connected with Generation Bass, Zouk Bass TV to drop the original compilation ZOUK BASS Vol 1.
in which we gathered Kizomba pioneers and new acts all in an impressive co-existence that kept both, the roots and the new vibe of zoukbass.

Mal Dicen also did something I personally think was very relevant, that most of the people do not give us enough credit, is we released a “prank-EP” called Molly Grit, which was basically the first TWERK album, we just did not call it TWERK.. but WE DID have a song in the EP called twerk.

In a way, we could have made some rant, trying to be defined as the starting point of the new hype.
But I think neither the artists nor the label is actually interested in that. Totally Irrelevant. Like the genre will be in 7-10 years.

Keeping the positive side, we were honored to get Happy Colors, JSTJR, Banginclude, Beauty Brain, Mediopicky, Los Timbres, as the new additions to our catalog.

We dropped our second Cumbia Bass Beats compilation.

As much as keep working with our mates Chong X, Carnnibal, Kinky Electric Noise & Ruta Panamericana del Sonido.

So, to celebrate this.. we will be releasing FOR FREE on DEC 6th


As a way to: 1- be thankful with the people who have joined us in this journey.
2- A way, to lead by example.

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Lisa Moise – It’s All About Me

Posted on 23 November 2013 by Caballo


One of the hottest acts in the Kizomba Scene, Lisa Moise, brings back to live the whole vibe with this great Kompa!

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